Uninterrupted Power and Ease of Maintenance

Your processes will not stop because of faulty or malfunctioning electrical equipment. Without needing power cuts, only the faulty equipment can be replaced within 2-5 minutes with the spare one. Even without needing high technical knowledge and compromising safety.

Module options up to 630A

Motor starting up to 110 kw maximum

Motor star delta starting up to 110kw maximum


Only 5 minutes is enough to replace any faulty part in the groups located on PDS withdrawable modules. Even with the personnel trained in average level.

During the replacement of the faulty part inside the drawer, other sections can continue to fully function.

Spare drawer on withdrawable module can be used for future needs and can easily be put into use.

MCCB(Moulded Case Circuit Breaker) replacement within 10 minutes.

Thanks to the Easy-Fix assembly system for MCCB outputs in PDS panels, it is not necessary to remove all busbars and terminal connections for removing equipment. MCCB input and output connections and mounting plate can easily be removed and connected back from the front side of the body connection.