Busbars And Power Distribution

Main Busbar-Distribution Busbar Connection
Distribution Busbar-MCCB (Moulded Case Circuit Breaker) Connection
Neutral Main Busbar-Neutral Distribution Busbar Connection
Grounding Busbar Connection
Main Busbar Current Capacity at 25C (A) Main Busbar Panel Depth
1350 40/10x2 600mm
1620 50/10x2 600mm
1860 60/10x2 600mm
2300 80/10x2 600mm
2500 40/10x4 800mm
3000 50/10x4 800mm
3400 60/10x4 800mm
4000 80/10x4 800mm

IEC 61439-1/2

Rated Voltage (Ue) = 690V

Isolation Voltage (Ui) = 1000V

Rated Peak Withstand Current (Ipk) = Up to 176kA

Short Circuit Withstand (Icw)

=Max. 85kA-1sn / 65kA-3sn